Ika, Chocolate Artist

The pleasure of a truly exquisite praline stays with you forever.

Such are Ika’s chocolate creations.

With uncompromising dedication, unwavering precision, and unique sensibility, Ika makes artisanal chocolates, crafted for communicating pleasure.

Ika is passionate about using the finest ingredients, in the traditional techniques of French chocolate masters.

Ika apprenticed with leading French chocolatiers – first with Jacques Genins, continuing with Michel Chaudun chocolaterie (while Jean Charles Rochoux was considered the master chocolatier), and finally with Guy Savoy, run by Le maître patisserie Hugues Pouget. She continues acquiring professional skills and knowledge, by training with leading European chocolate virtuosos, such as Patrick Roger and Vincent Guerlais.

True to her homeland spirit, Ika is committed to innovation in her creative pursuit; She received international recognition for introducing Middle Eastern ingredients to the art of chocolate-making: her Za’atar praline has won the gold medal at the 2014-2016 International Chocolate Awards.

In 2015 Ika created a special edition pralines gift boxes, in collaboration with the chocolatier Gilles Marchal, and Gerard Guy – culinary poet and artist. It was sold out at the Galeries Lafayette department store in Paris.

At her atelier in Tel Aviv the intricate production process takes place visibly behind large glass windows, at the back of the IKA Chocolate boutique.

IKA Chocolate International Acclaim


Le Club des Croqueurs de Chocolat

IKA received the Gold Tablette Ranking 2015-2017:

“Originalité, alliance réussies, un savoir faire indéniable animé par une vraie passion.”


International Chocolate Awards

2016 World Silver Za’atar flavoured praline
2016 Italian/Med Gold Za’atar flavoured praline
2016 Italian/Med Silver Kefir lime flavoured praline
2016 Italian/Med Silver Tamarind and coconut flavoured praline
2015 Italian/Med Gold Za’atar flavoured praline
2015 Italian/Med Silver Lemon & sesame flavoured praline
2015 World Silver Za’atar flavoured praline
2014 World Gold Za’atar flavoured praline
2014 European Gold Za’atar flavoured praline
2013 World Silver Earl Grey Fleurs Bleus flavoured praline
2013 Israeli Gold Rhum marzipan flavoured praline
2013 Israeli Silver Raspberry pate de fruit on top of pistachio Marzipan
2012 Finalist Lemon flavoured praline